IB Math Free Derivative Problems Generator

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Worrying about coming up math exam on solving derivatives, I started hunting down problems on internet for practice.

I’ve known that Wolfram provides a problem generator, but only available to pro plan subscribers. $3 a month for students is not that big of a deal, but right now I don’t have needs to use it frequently enough so that $3 is actually worth it, I’ll look for some other alternatives.

Then I found this awesome derivative practice generator written by Darryl Nester from Bluffton University Mathematics. It has different difficulty level, which is very user friendly, because most of the time when I try to find problems on the Internet, they are either overly easy, or overly complicated. It also has additional parameters, such as adding e^x, a^x, ln x and trig functions in the given problem. It also offer detailed yet concise description of how to use it, and answer feedback in human readable equation format. If you get stuck on one problem, copy the machine readable equation from the page (probably need to modify some functions so that Wolfram understands it) and solve it in Wolfram or Symbolab.

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Overall this generator written in javascript works really well, hope Mr. Fugu won’t give question more nasty than the ones I got from here, for some of them I need to spend time to find common denominator to group up all constants.

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