IB Physics Textbook Recommendation 2/6/2015


IB Physics HL is a seriously fast-paced course (we think it’s more than fast-paced, but Mr. Freeman thinks we are going too slowly). Even though he would always give very detailed explanation on each topic, and the notes are available on his website,┬áhe doesn’t have time to explain every single type of questions. Also, the worksheets he provides sometimes don’t have answers, so there is no point to do them. If your method is wrong, it’ll still be wrong. So I sought for physics textbook outside of school that would benefit me by providing with answers to practice problems, and even better if detailed explanation on each questions.

Through searching one of the problems in Energy Worksheet Package, I arrived at Google Books website, and found this Fundamentals of Physics(see below), and that’s where some of the questions came from. It is a complete set of physics concepts and with abundance of problems. It also has a separate Student Solution Manual where detailed explanation with each step is provided for each problem from the book.
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